11 Aug

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I would like to announce the launch of the FIRST NATURAL HAIR PARADE in DALLAS, TEXAS  September 3, 2011. Brought to you by Isis of Naturally Isis and Erykah Badu. Please rsvp for the parade on facebook so we can count you in!  There will be tons of vendors at the parade as well as many opportunities to network with other lovers of natural hair. Please sign up today, this will be an event of the century!

It’s been too long 2011!

20 Jan

We sincerely apologize to all the readers and all the wanna be readers for not posting as frequently as we should… That is all changing this year.  We would like to introduce the readers to our youtube page if you haven’t become acquainted as of yet. We are also on twitter now: Follow @naturallyisis.

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5 Aug

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Hair Color Jones

10 Aug

DSCN1353DSCN2148Just decided to change my hair color!!! I don’t like going to other stylists to do my hair so I did this on my own. I was feeling feisty and other than cutting my hair COMPLETELY OFF- coloring was the only viable solution for my jones.

Let me know what you think? Sometimes I use Bigen to color my hair but it is way TOO DARK! I have gotten suggestions to use Henna but haven’t tried it yet.

I try to steer clear of Ammonia and Hydroxide filled products as they are horrible for your hair– natural or locked…. they are just as bad as putting a perm on your hair but unfortunately sometimes its the only solution 😦

Until the early 1900s, hair coloring was made from a wide range of herbal and natural dyes. Flying in the face of other chemists who found the development of hair coloring trivial and unworthy of their time, French chemist Eugene Schuller created the first “safe commercial hair coloring” in 1909. His invention was based on a new chemical, paraphenylenediamine, and provided the foundation of his company, the French Harmless Hair Dye Company.

A year later, the name was changed to one that is more familiar today — L’Oreal. L’Oreal, one of the hair product giants, has grown steadily over the years; the company credits advanced and applied research of new product development and expansion into markets around the world with its global success.

The two main chemical ingredients involved in any coloring process that lasts longer than 12 shampoos are:

  • Hydrogen peroxide (also known as the developer or oxidizing agent) — This ingredient, in varying forms and strengths, helps initiate the color-forming process and creates longer-lasting color. The larger the volume of the developer, the greater the amount of sulfur is removed from the hair. Loss of sulfur causes hair to harden and lose weight. This is why, for the majority of hair coloring, the developer is maintained at 30% volume or less.
  • Ammonia — This alkaline allows for lightening by acting as a catalyst when the permanent hair color comes together with the peroxide. Like all alkalines, ammonia tends to separate the cuticle and allow the hair color to penetrate the cortex of the hair.

In addition, various types of alcohols, which can also DRY the hair, are present in most hair color.

This time I used a mix of red auburn and bigen and came up with this look. Sadly reading the info I just posted makes me wish I didn’t even dye my hair because of the death process it has to go through 😦

Send me your favorite hair color product suggestions. During my coloring process I gave myself a hot shea butter treatment the day before I placed the dye on my head which cut down on the amount of oils that were stripped from my hair during the dying process.

Since avoiding chemicals is an obvious choice for most people wanting to pursue a more natural way of life…it only follows that conventional hair dyes must go. There are some natural ingredients that help you achieve a new color as well. We have provided a list below:

Cranberry Juice – tints hair a reddish color.

Henna – brown color. Try these brands: Light Mountain Henna | Hennalucent | Dark Brown Henna

Black Henna – This is for black hair. It is a mixture of indigo blue dye and brown henna…it mixes up to create black.

Lemon juice and chamomile tea gives natural highlights to blondes and light-haired brunettes.

Cinnamon can brighten red hair

Tea – brown color

Coffee – brown color

Beets – red color

Most natural health care experts agree that going without hair dye altogether is the safest route. Hair color professionals should wear heavy plastic gloves and a mask to protect against fumes, and should schedule their color work with lots of breaks between applications to limit exposure. Consumers, when possible, should shop around for less toxic, all-natural coloring agents. Many companies like, Avalon Organics, Aubrey Organics, Dessert Essence Organics, Jason Natural Products and Simply Organic make all-natural hair colorings; other popular brands include EcoColors, Naturtint, and Clairol’s Castings line. Hennas, which are available in most salons, are also a good safe, non-permanent option.


9 Aug




I hope this film really takes an honest look at the politics of African American hair and the self hatred imbued by slavery upon the African Psyche when it comes to so called “Nappy” Hair.

How many black women do you know where weaves on a daily basis? Why is this? Are they afraid of wearing their natural hair? If so, Why? Ask yourself these questions. Ask your grandmother. Ask your mother. Ask your daughters. You will be shocked by the answers I am sure!

Blacks are afraid of what their natural God Given Beauty and many of us think that our hair is a curse.

This is a mentality that desperately needs to be reversed. This mentality is perpetuated in pop culture, music, film, television, politics, the office, church, school and everywhere that nappiness exists.

We need to take a look in the mirror and love ourselves and then demand that other people love us for who we are naturally too! Don’t settle for the status quo… challenge ill conceived ideas in search for the TRUTH!
In any event, I already see that I will have to make film that deals with the self esteem of black women and the correlation their hair has upon self love. The Institute of Ancestral Braiding and Sisters of Isis is currently working on several book titles about these subjects. Stay tuned.


Diet and Hair

21 Jul

images-3fruits_and_vegetables2A lot of locks that I tighten have extremely disgusting scalps to accompany them. This is a recurring issue that many of our clients deal with but despite many misconceptions it can be remedied.

Dandruff is described as dead skin cells that have surfaced on the scalp but there is much more to this condition than meets the eye. Flaky scalp usually comes from something internal that is awry and needs to be expelled. Many African American’s can not tolerate dairy and thus it comes out in the forms of eczema and dandruff as well as psoriasis and many other unwanted scalp conditions. There is nothing more disgusting than beautiful locks that are caked up with dandruff flakes. It doesn’t make sense to wear locks if you are going to have an unhealthy scalp.

To remedy some of these problems I suggest trying a dairy free diet for a trial period to see if your scalp clears up. You can also make a rinse for your scalp that consists of two parts Apple Cider Vinegar, One part rosemary tea, and a teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil.

This will help remedy some of the itching and help to stop the flaking while you work on eliminating dairy from your diet. The scalp/ skin is one big organ and when things aren’t going according to plan on the inside it will show up on the outside in the form of pimples, dandruff, eczema, etc.

Use the vinegar rinse for several weeks every time you wash your hair or apply as needed and take note of the way your scalp feels after several weeks of application in conjunction with a diet change. Although we don’t want to accept it, the health of our hair is directly related to what we place in our bodies. Our hair becomes weakened by processed food and is strengthen by live fruits, vegetables, and minerals as well as LOTS OF WATER! Do not ever think that what you put in your body doesn’t matter because it has an ecumenical effect on your system and the way you look. Take care of yourself!


8 Jul

DSCN1989Calling all BARBERS, STYLISTS, and those interested in NATURAL HAIR CARE EDUCATION. The Institute of Ancestral Braiding is offering a lock tightening, repair, grooming, and maintenance seminar. Increase your income and become an entrepreneur! Master the art of lock tightening and maintenance without driers, or products filled with gel and wax.

Classes will be conducted  by Master Locktician and pioneer of ancestral adornment, Isis, who has given and taught the craft of locking to several hundred people across the nation and in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for 30 years – You Can be NEXT.

Each class is $350 and will last for six weeks. Price Includes: lock tightening, lock repair, lock maintenance, lock grooming techniques, 2 tightening tools, and a lesson review dvd.  SEATS ARE LIMITED!

REGISTRATION DATES are August 8, 15, & 22 @ Salon 17290 Preston Road Suite 104 Dallas, Texas 75052  from 10-1pm.  CLASS DATES are ongoing every Sunday and Monday starting Sunday August 23rd 2-6 pm and Monday August 24th 9-12pm/ 3-6pm. Please call 214-329-3820 for more information.

Job placement will be available with the Institute after training.

Afro Love to Michael Jackson (R.I.P)

8 Jul

FC1005_Michael_JACKSONToday I had the pleasure of watching the public memorial to Michael Jackson and I am truly touched. This man gave of his heart and his spirit in a way that is difficult for most. He transcended race, color, class, and much more through his journey on this earth as the greatest entertainer who ever lived.

I salute him for the sacrifices he made in order to share that part of himself with the world. Thank you Michael for giving unconditionally of yourself and you ideas through music. Michael gave something to the world that is special, kind, loving, and full of light.

This man will never be forgotten and neither will the image of him with a big afro as a little boy growing up in the seventies. From the first time he stepped foot upon the stage he gave off an aura of greatness.

“WE HAD HIM” Maya Angelou

Beloveds, now we know that we know nothing Now that our bright and shining star can slip away from our fingertips like a puff of summer wind

Without notice, our dear love can escape our doting embrace

Sing our songs among the stars and and walk our dances across the face of the moon

In the instant we learn that Michael is gone we know nothing

No clocks can tell our time and no oceans can rush our tides

With the abrupt absence of our treasure

Though we our many, each of us is achingly alone

Piercingly alone

Only when we confess our confusion can we remember that he was a gift to us and we did have him

He came to us from the Creator, trailing creativity in abundance

Despite the anguish of life he was sheathed in mother love and family love and survived and did not more than that

He thrived with passion and compassion, humor and style

We had him

Whether we knew who he was or did not know, he was ours and we were his

We had him

Beautiful, delighting our eyes

He raked his hat slant over his brow and took a pose on his toes for all of us and we laughed and stomped our feet for him

We were enchanted with his passion because he held nothing

He gave us all he had been given

Today in Tokyo, beneath the Eiffel Tower, in Ghana’s Blackstar Square, in

Johannesburg, in Pittsburgh, in Birmingham, Alabama and Birmingham England, we are
missing Michael Jackson

But we do know that we had him

And we are the world.

Coconut Shampoo

23 Jun

ACF827FThere is a shampoo my dad used to wash my hair with when I was younger that I think is absolutely perfect for locks in addition to the SISTERS OF ISIS SHAMPOO because its light weight and is not loaded with chemicals.

The product is called Coconut Shampoo by Cornrows and Co. based out of Washington D.C.

I vouch for this product because I have used it numerous times before and it kept my hair healthy and glowing and I also vouch for its creator–Pamela Ferrell!

This shampoo will leave your head feeling refreshed although it is not tingly like the signature SISTERS OF ISIS scalp rejuvenator but it will do the job as an alternative and something new.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

23 Jun

Peace lovelies,


Many people warn against washing locks frequently because people who have kinky hair tend to need the oils that are in their hair and washing it so often strips it down thus damaging the hair but I BEG TO DIFFER!

I currently reside in New York City… the dirtiest city in the U.S. in my opinion. I am always walking and always in the subway  and I don’t wear hats or scarves often so my hair is rarely protected from all of the dirt and grime that is blown onto it.

In addition to the city being dirty–  I do hardcore intensive workouts i.e. spin class and yoga that sweat my hair out at least three times a week!

Not only does the dirt and grime creep me out– but when I sweat with all this hair the grit that clings to my hair gets on my face and breakouts occur… this is a huge NO NO NO for me so I must keep my hair washed often and regularly contrary to some folks who believe you shouldn’t wash locks but every two weeks or so.

I MUST wash my hair at least  TWICE a week or it gets extremely gooky and funky.

To remedy the strip down factor I do hot oil shea butter treatments to replenish the oil glands and I take my omega oil supplements regularly.