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Isis Locs

19 Dec

Today I would like to share some information with you about my hair. I started wearing locs in the summer of 2006. My mother, Isis, started my locs and coined them Isis locs. They are very small locs started from a braiding and interlocking technique. I have had my locs for what seems like ages now and I love them. It was extremely difficult for me to get into the swing of having the same hairstyle everyday but once I realized the versatility of my hair I have grown to absolutely love my hair. I tie it up at night. I wash it. I groom it. I go! Currently I am having a tough time tightening my hair as I do every month for about two weeks. It is difficult to tighten 485 locs all by oneself but each month I get through it! I have found many products and accessories to use to aide in my loc wearing process which I will share with you along this journey. For now I have some photos to share with you to show the progression of my hair from start to now. Enjoy! ~SistersofIsis~


~Love Your Hair~

18 Dec

This blog was born from the widespread notion that women, men, and children are not taking proper care of their hair. This especially applies to minorities and is not the fault of the minorities but instead stems from lack of education and accessible resources to properly care for what some may deem as “nappy hair”. No matter what the color, texture, curl pattern, or style of your hair… it can be healthy and and will grow in its natural state with the proper tlc! Lets have fun on this journey and celebrate loving our hair! Enjoy~ Sisters of Isis

Hello world!

11 Dec

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