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How to rid locks of Lint Pt. II

23 Jun

images-1In response to the overwhelming inquiries about lint in locks I have been doing some research and I discovered an eHow article on how to delint locks. The author of the article suggested to:

1)  use a lint brush in your hair periodically

2) never place goopy hair products in your hair always use light products that can easily wash out with water. You can find some of these products at

3) invest in a good silk scarf and silk pillowcase 4) use tweezers to get the lint you can’t see out of your locks, especially if you have tiny locks.

I have used this method before and it actually works but on the flip side sometimes it can break the lock if you pluck too hard.

Removing lint can be addictive and it becomes a problem when you want to remove every single particle of dirt from your locks but you have to realize that this is nearly impossible, so take it one step at a time my loves.

I hope this helps out with the infamous lint problem.