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9 Aug




I hope this film really takes an honest look at the politics of African American hair and the self hatred imbued by slavery upon the African Psyche when it comes to so called “Nappy” Hair.

How many black women do you know where weaves on a daily basis? Why is this? Are they afraid of wearing their natural hair? If so, Why? Ask yourself these questions. Ask your grandmother. Ask your mother. Ask your daughters. You will be shocked by the answers I am sure!

Blacks are afraid of what their natural God Given Beauty and many of us think that our hair is a curse.

This is a mentality that desperately needs to be reversed. This mentality is perpetuated in pop culture, music, film, television, politics, the office, church, school and everywhere that nappiness exists.

We need to take a look in the mirror and love ourselves and then demand that other people love us for who we are naturally too! Don’t settle for the status quo… challenge ill conceived ideas in search for the TRUTH!
In any event, I already see that I will have to make film that deals with the self esteem of black women and the correlation their hair has upon self love. The Institute of Ancestral Braiding and Sisters of Isis is currently working on several book titles about these subjects. Stay tuned.



Diet and Hair

21 Jul

images-3fruits_and_vegetables2A lot of locks that I tighten have extremely disgusting scalps to accompany them. This is a recurring issue that many of our clients deal with but despite many misconceptions it can be remedied.

Dandruff is described as dead skin cells that have surfaced on the scalp but there is much more to this condition than meets the eye. Flaky scalp usually comes from something internal that is awry and needs to be expelled. Many African American’s can not tolerate dairy and thus it comes out in the forms of eczema and dandruff as well as psoriasis and many other unwanted scalp conditions. There is nothing more disgusting than beautiful locks that are caked up with dandruff flakes. It doesn’t make sense to wear locks if you are going to have an unhealthy scalp.

To remedy some of these problems I suggest trying a dairy free diet for a trial period to see if your scalp clears up. You can also make a rinse for your scalp that consists of two parts Apple Cider Vinegar, One part rosemary tea, and a teaspoon of Tea Tree Oil.

This will help remedy some of the itching and help to stop the flaking while you work on eliminating dairy from your diet. The scalp/ skin is one big organ and when things aren’t going according to plan on the inside it will show up on the outside in the form of pimples, dandruff, eczema, etc.

Use the vinegar rinse for several weeks every time you wash your hair or apply as needed and take note of the way your scalp feels after several weeks of application in conjunction with a diet change. Although we don’t want to accept it, the health of our hair is directly related to what we place in our bodies. Our hair becomes weakened by processed food and is strengthen by live fruits, vegetables, and minerals as well as LOTS OF WATER! Do not ever think that what you put in your body doesn’t matter because it has an ecumenical effect on your system and the way you look. Take care of yourself!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

23 Jun

Peace lovelies,


Many people warn against washing locks frequently because people who have kinky hair tend to need the oils that are in their hair and washing it so often strips it down thus damaging the hair but I BEG TO DIFFER!

I currently reside in New York City… the dirtiest city in the U.S. in my opinion. I am always walking and always in the subway  and I don’t wear hats or scarves often so my hair is rarely protected from all of the dirt and grime that is blown onto it.

In addition to the city being dirty–  I do hardcore intensive workouts i.e. spin class and yoga that sweat my hair out at least three times a week!

Not only does the dirt and grime creep me out– but when I sweat with all this hair the grit that clings to my hair gets on my face and breakouts occur… this is a huge NO NO NO for me so I must keep my hair washed often and regularly contrary to some folks who believe you shouldn’t wash locks but every two weeks or so.

I MUST wash my hair at least  TWICE a week or it gets extremely gooky and funky.

To remedy the strip down factor I do hot oil shea butter treatments to replenish the oil glands and I take my omega oil supplements regularly.