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Coconut Shampoo

23 Jun

ACF827FThere is a shampoo my dad used to wash my hair with when I was younger that I think is absolutely perfect for locks in addition to the SISTERS OF ISIS SHAMPOO because its light weight and is not loaded with chemicals.

The product is called Coconut Shampoo by Cornrows and Co. based out of Washington D.C.

I vouch for this product because I have used it numerous times before and it kept my hair healthy and glowing and I also vouch for its creator–Pamela Ferrell!

This shampoo will leave your head feeling refreshed although it is not tingly like the signature SISTERS OF ISIS scalp rejuvenator but it will do the job as an alternative and something new.


Soft Spike Curlers

30 Jan

I don’t vouch for many products but I wholeheartedly vouch for these rollers. Check them out! They are great for locs and any type of hair that wants to be tightly curled. I have attached a photo of what my hair looked like before and after. Click here to order! 


Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products

8 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I would like to share a product I use when I am not using Sisters of Isis’ products… The Protective Mist Bodifier. It is $7 and if you dilute it with water it is plenty to last for a few months.  I use it because my scalp sometimes gets really itchy when I get too busy to oil it. This spray is great and is easier than getting a hot oil treatment.

Check it out at Taliah’s website!