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8 Jul

DSCN1989Calling all BARBERS, STYLISTS, and those interested in NATURAL HAIR CARE EDUCATION. The Institute of Ancestral Braiding is offering a lock tightening, repair, grooming, and maintenance seminar. Increase your income and become an entrepreneur! Master the art of lock tightening and maintenance without driers, or products filled with gel and wax.

Classes will be conducted  by Master Locktician and pioneer of ancestral adornment, Isis, who has given and taught the craft of locking to several hundred people across the nation and in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for 30 years – You Can be NEXT.

Each class is $350 and will last for six weeks. Price Includes: lock tightening, lock repair, lock maintenance, lock grooming techniques, 2 tightening tools, and a lesson review dvd.  SEATS ARE LIMITED!

REGISTRATION DATES are August 8, 15, & 22 @ Salon 17290 Preston Road Suite 104 Dallas, Texas 75052  from 10-1pm.  CLASS DATES are ongoing every Sunday and Monday starting Sunday August 23rd 2-6 pm and Monday August 24th 9-12pm/ 3-6pm. Please call 214-329-3820 for more information.

Job placement will be available with the Institute after training.


Lint Blues

11 Jun

1056172205_d9ee71db4e_bToday I would like to share something with you that I recently discovered. I have been wondering for a long time how to keep the lint out of my locks especially in a city such as NY. I have purchased a silk scarf and I try to keep it on all night even though I sleep like a wild animal.

But I have still been finding bits and pieces of white filaments in my hair in the mornings. I have figured out what it is! I have a feather pad underneath my sheets and I figured out that it distributes these small feathers into my bed and my sheets through its tiny holes. I was livid when I found this out because I have been using this pad for a long time! Once I found out, I immediately discarded it and I am on to the next thing… perhaps I will get a foam pad instead.

You don’t want to compromise your comfortable sleep for beautiful looking hair but something has got to give. Another product I recently threw out was my hot six oil.. I don’t like the smell of it because after awhile it smells sagey and I am more of a sweet smelling person so I just decided to get some olive oil and place a drop or two of my favorite fragrance oils inside such as strawberry or gardenia and that works better than a product that was manufactured in the store.

Hope I shed some light on this lint problem… I will be looking into more ways to shield locks from lint as we continue to travel on this journey.


18 Mar

photo-275These are the lovely Isis Signature Badu Braids… created with love, precision, time ( LOTS OF IT), laughter, prayer, and the essence of OSUN!  Please call if you are interested in obtaining a modified affordable version of this artwork for SPRING/SUMMER 2009! WE are ALL GODDESSES! Let’s walk the path of MAAT and Righteousness in the 09′.


Boo to Bold!

5 Feb

rihanna-1638855I absolutely love Rihanna’s New do and I don’t think I have shared that with anyone yet. It is absolutely perfectly becoming on her and whatever she had before she better not ever not never!!! GO BACK THERE!  This style is light it highlights and envelops her bone structure and allows her face to pop! Great Job Ursula for making this girl’s image come alive through her hair! Ursula has a website for all of you who are interested in getting that Rihanna do! Below I have posted a before and After segment and all I can say is THANK GOD for URSULA STEPHEN! Now when can you pencil me in?????


~Love Your Hair~

18 Dec

This blog was born from the widespread notion that women, men, and children are not taking proper care of their hair. This especially applies to minorities and is not the fault of the minorities but instead stems from lack of education and accessible resources to properly care for what some may deem as “nappy hair”. No matter what the color, texture, curl pattern, or style of your hair… it can be healthy and and will grow in its natural state with the proper tlc! Lets have fun on this journey and celebrate loving our hair! Enjoy~ Sisters of Isis

Hello world!

11 Dec

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