About Sisters of Isis


Sisters of Isis is a blog, hair product line, and a movement started by Isis and her daughter Talibah to promote the knowledge and practice of healthy hair grooming and representation amongst women, men, and children suffering from the detriment of misused chemicals, glue, weaves, sewing, braids, and products. 


After meeting a lady who suffered from premature balding, caused by a licensed cosmetologist, and later finding out that she committed suicide due to low self esteem, Isis began the process of writing  a book titled, “Hair Once Sacred, Now Desecrated”.

Isis and Talibah’s goal and #1 mission is to spread information about how to properly love and care for tightly textured hair in a way that is affordable, stress free, and healthy!  Isis has an established business, The Institute of Ancestral Braiding–based in Dallas, Texas,  that has been in existence for over 20 years–catering to those who have suffered from improper hair treatment.

After battling a long fight with the State of Texas Isis has has become the first natural hair care technician to be grandfathered to practice natural hair care in the state of Texas. In addition to her expertise, product line, educational platform, and grassroots community mission, Isis is also an acclaimed celebrity stylist and artist behind the illustrious braids of singer, Erykah Badu, which have been featured and glorified in several magazines including Essence.

Without the Institute of Ancestral Braiding, Sisters of Isis, and the mission of healing through the hair the community would be remiss. Please join us on this journey towards reclamation of identity, self esteem, and inner beauty. Thank you! ~Sisters of Isis~


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