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It’s been too long 2011!

20 Jan

We sincerely apologize to all the readers and all the wanna be readers for not posting as frequently as we should… That is all changing this year.  We would like to introduce the readers to our youtube page if you haven’t become acquainted as of yet. We are also on twitter now: Follow @naturallyisis.

Please send your questions and comments to Talibah@naturallyisis.com

We will certainly make an effort to have a question segment every week where we address your questions and concerns about natural hair care and transitioning.



18 Mar

photo-275These are the lovely Isis Signature Badu Braids… created with love, precision, time ( LOTS OF IT), laughter, prayer, and the essence of OSUN!  Please call if you are interested in obtaining a modified affordable version of this artwork for SPRING/SUMMER 2009! WE are ALL GODDESSES! Let’s walk the path of MAAT and Righteousness in the 09′.


Spring Trend: Braids

6 Mar

imagesApparently Princess Leah Braids are the trend for Spring 09′. We got a glimpse of this on Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars and I am sure we will see many more women of the caucausian persuasion sporting the braids… What does this mean for the ethnic women out there? Honestly, I am not too sure but I am going to find something for you don’t fret! Let me put my thinking cap on 😉  This is basically a sloppy french braid and I don’t think I want this to be the trend of 2009… still thinking.

P.S. Is there a difference? Who decides the trends?