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Lint Blues

11 Jun

1056172205_d9ee71db4e_bToday I would like to share something with you that I recently discovered. I have been wondering for a long time how to keep the lint out of my locks especially in a city such as NY. I have purchased a silk scarf and I try to keep it on all night even though I sleep like a wild animal.

But I have still been finding bits and pieces of white filaments in my hair in the mornings. I have figured out what it is! I have a feather pad underneath my sheets and I figured out that it distributes these small feathers into my bed and my sheets through its tiny holes. I was livid when I found this out because I have been using this pad for a long time! Once I found out, I immediately discarded it and I am on to the next thing… perhaps I will get a foam pad instead.

You don’t want to compromise your comfortable sleep for beautiful looking hair but something has got to give. Another product I recently threw out was my hot six oil.. I don’t like the smell of it because after awhile it smells sagey and I am more of a sweet smelling person so I just decided to get some olive oil and place a drop or two of my favorite fragrance oils inside such as strawberry or gardenia and that works better than a product that was manufactured in the store.

Hope I shed some light on this lint problem… I will be looking into more ways to shield locks from lint as we continue to travel on this journey.