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18 Mar

photo-275These are the lovely Isis Signature Badu Braids… created with love, precision, time ( LOTS OF IT), laughter, prayer, and the essence of OSUN!  Please call if you are interested in obtaining a modified affordable version of this artwork for SPRING/SUMMER 2009! WE are ALL GODDESSES! Let’s walk the path of MAAT and Righteousness in the 09′.



Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products

8 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I would like to share a product I use when I am not using Sisters of Isis’ products… The Protective Mist Bodifier. It is $7 and if you dilute it with water it is plenty to last for a few months.  I use it because my scalp sometimes gets really itchy when I get too busy to oil it. This spray is great and is easier than getting a hot oil treatment.

Check it out at Taliah’s website!