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Kelis Rockin’ the So Called Riri cut BACK in the DAY!

18 Jun

kelis-hair-4Hello lovelies,

Today I would like to share a photo of beautiful Kelis with you. This is the style that bloggers are claiming Riri started…NOT!

I am really becoming a bit tired of Ms. Rihanna she needs to go sit down somewhere and make music. She was spotted in Carol’s Daughter yesterday.

I was walking down the street and I saw a huge crowd of people outside and police officers… I was like oh lord someone got SHOT!

So I asked a man standing in the crowd what was going on and he said Rihanna was inside of Carol’s Daughter…

I admit I did wait for like five minutes but then I decided that my time was too precious to wait on Ms. Riri to come outside so I walked into the middle of the street around the crowd and headed to my destination. Nothing is new under the sun! Ah well…


Boo to Bold!

5 Feb

rihanna-1638855I absolutely love Rihanna’s New do and I don’t think I have shared that with anyone yet. It is absolutely perfectly becoming on her and whatever she had before she better not ever not never!!! GO BACK THERE!  This style is light it highlights and envelops her bone structure and allows her face to pop! Great Job Ursula for making this girl’s image come alive through her hair! Ursula has a website for all of you who are interested in getting that Rihanna do! http://www.ursulastephen.com/ Below I have posted a before and After segment and all I can say is THANK GOD for URSULA STEPHEN! Now when can you pencil me in?????