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Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

23 Jun

Peace lovelies,


Many people warn against washing locks frequently because people who have kinky hair tend to need the oils that are in their hair and washing it so often strips it down thus damaging the hair but I BEG TO DIFFER!

I currently reside in New York City… the dirtiest city in the U.S. in my opinion. I am always walking and always in the subway  and I don’t wear hats or scarves often so my hair is rarely protected from all of the dirt and grime that is blown onto it.

In addition to the city being dirty–  I do hardcore intensive workouts i.e. spin class and yoga that sweat my hair out at least three times a week!

Not only does the dirt and grime creep me out– but when I sweat with all this hair the grit that clings to my hair gets on my face and breakouts occur… this is a huge NO NO NO for me so I must keep my hair washed often and regularly contrary to some folks who believe you shouldn’t wash locks but every two weeks or so.

I MUST wash my hair at least  TWICE a week or it gets extremely gooky and funky.

To remedy the strip down factor I do hot oil shea butter treatments to replenish the oil glands and I take my omega oil supplements regularly.